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School Placement in Canada

Primary schools, High schools, Boarding schools

Our professional services covers all levels of education; primary school, secondary school and high school, in Montreal, Toronto and all other cities of Ontario and Quebec. With our expertise and affiliation with major schools and school boards, we consult and assist the international families to find the best school for their children in Canada. In school selection process, definition of “best” depends on many factors and is a complex process. Our team of experienced education consultants and advisors are providing guidance during all this process. Our proven methodology is:

  • Understanding the family’s and the student’s interests, needs and expectations: Private or Public school, Education in English as first language or French as first language, Boarding or Day school.

  • Providing general information about the education system in Canada, cities and schools

  • Planning the long term education path for the student, regarding the interests, expectations and the education system

  • Matching the expectations and the education roadmap with the cities, schools and neighborhoods in Canada, and providing a shortlist of schools

  • School selection, discussing all the details with the family and the student

  • Starting, following and completing the admission process

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