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About Far Education

Far Education is a Canadian company, specializing in a wide range of educational needs, based in Montreal / Quebec and Toronto / Ontario.

Our mission is to assist the families from all round the world, to find the best school for their children in Canada, matching their requirements, expectations and future plans. We process the applications and to follow-up the admissions. Our professional services covers all levels of education; from primary school to the university, as well as summer schools, camps, and language courses. We also assist the families for their orientation and settlement in Canada.

Hundreds of international students from all around the world

Every year we place around a hundred students to their best matching schools. We have students from Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Lebanon, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela, and others. 

Professional team of consultants

Our team of experienced education consultants and advisors are providing guidance during all the school selection and placement process. Our professional services covers all levels of education; from primary school (School placement) to university ( University applications)

Based in Canada, direct access to the schools and universities

One of our main advantages is to be based in Montreal, Canada and office in Toronto. We do have direct relations with the schools and schools boards in Quebec and Ontario. We prepare student’s portfolio, we make assessments and school selections accordingly. And we organize meetings with the schools to introduce the student’s portfolio, submit the application forms and documents and follow-up the process.

Help to find a residence, an apartment or a house

Some families are looking for house or apartment to rent or to buy, while deciding on the school. With our professional real estate agent partners, we help them to find the best place matching their needs with easy access to the schools.

Summer camps and schools (English or French language)

In addition to school placement, we provide consulting for summer schools and camps in Canada (Summer camps). Our main area of expertise, is the language intensive summer camps, to improve the English or French language skills.

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